If you haven’t already signed up, get in now!

This Thursday, 26th June, I am hosting my first webinar!  Hooray!  It’s largely on Marketing, but with a twist.

Ever been told how important it is to get the right brand for your business?  How you need a good logo with the right colours?  How you need to advertise/ sponsor an event for exposure?  that it will be good for your “brand”?

Pfffft!  I’m going to share with you why everything you’ve been told about branding your business is WRONG- and how to get more clients, and grow your business without getting busier and busier…

Sign up here: https://getupandgallop.leadpages.net/webinar/

If you can’t make it on the day, please do still sign up- I will be trying to record the session, which will only be available to those who have registered.

See you all then!

Anita xx

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Written by Anita Marchesani
I've come to small business the long way round- but enjoyed and learned from every single step. I learned about the power of Media during a BA and while working in Film&TV. I learned about the hard graft while groom for an international eventer in the UK. I learned organisation and staff management from running hundreds of weddings both here and in the UK. I learned from the mistakes of my first business that failed, to create an e-commerce success story, and now I'm here to help you have even greater success in your business. Oh, and I dance to really loud music like a crazy bastard.