I asked some friends of Get Up and Gallop to share with you some gems from their areas of expertise to help you get ahead in 2015.  There’s even some special offers for you as well, so read on!


Amy-Louise MacGregor from Social Synergy:

My prediction for 2015 is that less of your audience will be going to google for their first point of research with Facebook’s keyword search it will fast become a favourite go to tool for researching.
With this new search facility it is now more important than ever that you have your content aligned and resonating with your ideal audience so you can be relevant, authentic and present in their search results. To help you be more relevant, resonating and consistent I am sharing with you my very own 12 month Social Media Planner that I use every day in my business and my clients are using. You can get it here bit.ly/mysocialplanner

My other prediction for 2015 (can i have two? or is that greedy :P)  is that paid advertising is going to be leveraged a whole lot more than it has ever been. Social advertising is the most economical way to fill your sales funnel with highly targeted hot leads who hang off your every word. If you haven’t got your social media integrated then you need to do this!



From Keith Marshal of Accounting for Small Business:

My tip to growing your business is to pay attention to all the little things, 1% doesn’t take much to become 100%.  Identify the important 10 little things and your business is 10% more magical with little effort.



From Leanne Stockwell, Naturopath

Magnesium is one of my favourite things for stress and poor sleep. It calms the Nervous system as well as soothes those tight muscles that come from too much sitting at a computer. (Ask at your local Health Shop for a good brand). Then there’s drinking good quality (filtered or spring) water – 1-2 litres per day with either fresh lemon juice or liquid chlorophyll added to help alkalise the body as much as possible and support the Liver. And lastly, a Gratitude Journal – jot down 3 things that you are grateful for everyday. Have it beside the bed and do it before you go to sleep. It puts you in a much better frame of mind for the next morning. xxx

Click here for a Special Offer from Leanne!  http://abetteryounaturally.com.au


From Kerryn Sonnet, Virtually There

Make a difference to your 2015 by investing in a CRM! Capture and follow up every lead.  Ensure you have regular touch points with your leads and contacts.  Make your CRM work for you by setting up workflows and automating your sales and marketing processes.

Kerryn Sonnet is a CRM Consultant.   For a no obligation consultation for a CRM that will work for your business, email Kerryn on kerryn@kerrynsonnet.com

(Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.)


From Nicole Stewart, Think Forward Coaching, for riders.

Set goals that set you up to succeed in 2015 – I see people set two different types of goals: these are, firstly, SAFE Goals, that they KNOW they will achieve, but are so small and they set the bar so low, that the goals are relatively uninspiring. Secondly, I see people set TERRIFYING Goals, goals so HUGE that the person setting the goal doesn’t connect to it emotionally, and is so intimidated by the amount of work involved, that they never work towards it. Either way, you are not setting yourself up to achieve the outcomes you truly want. Instead, set goals that are within your belief level – these are goals that you can emotionally connect with, believe that you will actually achieve, and inspire you and scare you, just a little bit! Don’t set goals so small you are bored by them, and stop setting goals that scare you so much they keep you stuck – find your sweet spot, or belief level, and set goals that you will ACTUALLY achieve in 2015!


From Sara Hall and Heather Gibson, of Finer Details Concierge and Organiser Services

Give yourself the gift in 2015 of having a life/work balance, as well as a well organised office and home.
Don’t procrastinate over the little things, outsource what you can and concentrate on the bigger picture.
If you have any down-time over Christmas use some of it to declutter and organise your office. Be strong headed and ready to make decisions. Look at where piles of paperwork are accumulating, and which areas aren’t working. What do you need to implement to stop this from happening? Be ruthless with paperwork, do you really need it, will you even look at it again? Store like minded items together and zone the room so that you can find things easily and put them back.



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