Lucie Klaassen presenting at the Coaching Excellence Alliance Workshop

Another Coaching Excellence workshop is done and dusted.  Yesterday I crashed, exhausted, today I’m following up on reflections and discussions from the event, creating content to support the work we did in the room, listening to David Bowie, and occasionally breaking out into barefooted dancing a bit of bad singing…

So, what went down at this event?

On the very first morning, I laid down a challenge as their very first exercise to lay bare all their fears of being found out by the Fraud Police.  To look into themselves and acknowledge those feelings we all have of being an imposter, of not being worthy, or not being enough.  And the coaches in the room all went there, they allowed their vulnerability to make it down onto paper, all of it.  We acknowledged it, we looked at it, and we then used that to propel us forward rather than holding us back and keeping us small.

The work begins

And so we went…

We discussed building a client focused business, one created with Intention and without clutter or “busyness”.  We explored how to market and sell to our ideal clients, we debated pricing and packaging up our services.  We looked at ways to better structure and manage your time as a coach, and how to best leverage the knowledge and insights you can share with your clients.

Some coaches had been honing their craft for over a decade, some were developing brand new offerings to better serve their client’s (and their horses’) needs.  They all shared and supported each other equally and openly.

Day 2 started with the lovely Lucie Klaassen (who is in Australia at the moment from the Netherlands presenting workshops and clinics) sharing her insights she has gleamed from working and learning from academic training, straightness training, bodywork, centred riding and more.  We all started to ask ourselves, if as coaches we had knowledge and skills in in-hand work, and a deeper level of understanding of equine anatomy and biomechanics, would that make us better able to coach and communicate with our riders as well?  The consensus, and it seems so blindingly obvious now, was yes.

Lucie Klaassen presenting at the Coaching Excellence Alliance Workshop

Tanja Mitton shared her years of experience in coaching and supporting her riders with mindset and rider position.  We talked language, we discussed communication, we experimented and felt the importance of breath in a rider’s position.  We asked ourselves, how can we expect the horse to perform at his peak without first ensuring the rider is able to perform at theirs- be it with a clear and confident mind, a balanced and effective and free seat, or even just being able and aware of their breath?  How can we better serve both the horse and the rider?

Tanja Mitton teaching at the Coaching Excellence Alliance Workshop

Coaches shared their stories, they asked their questions, they brought their insights and knowledge to the room openly and honestly.  Because we are in this together.  Because we love the horses.  And because we love the riders too.

Never underestimate the energy of being in a room of “your people”.  The one’s who have your back, who want to see you succeed as much as they want it themselves.  The one’s who the learning, the growth, the challenges will never be over.  They will always be striving to be the best self, the best coach, the best person they can possibly be.  And they are that best version of their self, right now.  Tomorrow, they will be even better.

There are five types of people you want to surround yourself with: the inspired, the passionate, the motivated, the grateful and the open minded.

The Coaching Excellence Alliance Members

The people in the room this week at the CEA workshop were all 5, and still growing.

If you weren’t there, yes, you did miss out.  The next CEA workshop is penciled for November 2018.  Stay tuned.

Doggie peeps- I haven’t forgotten you guys.  There’s a dog trainer’s version of this in the works for you guys too.

Yummy! (though the guys were a bit miffed when I served them a healthy fruit filled afternoon tea and the function next door had a WALL- yes a WALL of donuts....

Yummy! (though the guys were a bit miffed when I served them a healthy fruit filled afternoon tea and the function next door had a WALL- yes a WALL of donuts….)

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