Do you hate sales?  Do you dread making sales calls?  Do you think that you shouldn’t have to work to make sales in your business, that they should just happen because people love what you do anyway?

Sales and marketing are vital to the survival of any business, and is the very last aspect of your business that you should be outsourcing.  If you cannot manage a marketing campaign, generate new leads, make sales calls and close the sales yourself, then you have no hope of training someone else to do this for you.   As a small business owner you should love sales and you should look forward to making sales calls!

Sales and Marketing are not dirty words.  Here’s why.

Making Sales in your business is not about the money, it’s actually about helping someone with integrity and love.

So, let’s meet Mary.  She’s a dog trainer who works locally, and occasionally travels for clients further away.  She also sells a small range of supporting products that she feels are of benefit to her clients in between her visits.  Mary thought she didn’t need to know sales- she was an educator essentially, and that’s can’t be further away from a pushy car-salesman, can it?

Mary was working with a client and her dog at a public park, and out of the corner of her eye while she was working she spied another dog owner walking her dog.  He was stiff, nervous and rushing around at the end of the lead  and they were struggling along, not really communicating with each other clearly.  Mary had seen the difference she has made to the dog she was working on, as well as the knowledge she had been able to share with his owner, and the support products she had sold to her to use in between sessions.  She knew, in her heart of hearts, that she could make the same difference to the wellbeing of the other dog she was watching.  She knew she could share some of that same knowledge and education with the owner, and she knew that she could help develop a better relationship between them.

So, when she finished her session, she asked her client to introduce her to the other dog walker and they had a chat about her dog  (doesn’t everyone know all the local dogs at the nearby park by name!?).  Mary asked questions, and listened. She asked more questions and listened some more.  She was convinced now that she could help this dog and his owner.

“So, would you be interested in hearing about what I can do to help you?” she asked.  And of course, the owner said yes.

Mary then explained her service and how it worked, and talked not about the cost of it, but the VALUE that she would be giving to her.  The improvement in the dog’s wellbeing and general attitude to life.  The improvement in his behaviour and lead walking.  The prevention of further behaviour issues or potential accidents.

And then, vitally, she asked for the sale.

“So, I’m here again next week on Thursday, shall I book you in?”

It was a sales conversation.  Mary was selling her business and services.  But it didn’t feel like one of those pushy car-salesman like conversations where all they talk about is features and prices.  Mary talked about the value of her service, the benefits to both the dog and the owner (and her family), after asking questions and listening to be sure that this owner fitted her model of a suitable client in the first place.

Don’t be afraid of sales.  Don’t be tricked into thinking it’s a dirty word.  Don’t let people convince you that you shouldn’t need to know how to overcome people’s objections.  If you are selling out of love, and the authentic belief that you can truly help this person, then you should fight for the sale.  Fight for what you believe in.  Make a difference to that person’s life.  They will be grateful that you did.

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Written by Anita Marchesani
I've come to small business the long way round- but enjoyed and learned from every single step. I learned about the power of Media during a BA and while working in Film&TV. I learned about the hard graft while groom for an international eventer in the UK. I learned organisation and staff management from running hundreds of weddings both here and in the UK. I learned from the mistakes of my first business that failed, to create an e-commerce success story, and now I'm here to help you have even greater success in your business. Oh, and I dance to really loud music like a crazy bastard.