Coaching Excellence Alliance
The way we teach horse riding in this country is broken– it’s broken from the point of view of the rider, the instructor and the horse. It’s time to stop complaining, and start driving the change towards something more positive, something more ethical, something that will deliver better outcomes for the horse, the rider and our beloved sport as a whole.

Over 3 intensive days, you and the small group of your peers will work on creating a sustainable business model for you, gain practical marketing skills, gain insights into how horses learn and how people learn- all in an open and supportive environment that encourages collaboration.

This event is by invitation only. To find out if this is for you, please visit this link and apply, I’ll be in touch soon to answer your questions and tell you more. http://getupandgallop.com.au/cealliance


The next workshop will be held 5, 6 and 7th February, 2018, in Brisbane QLD.

Guest Presenters:

Lucie KlaassenLucie Klaassen (NED)

Lucie Klaassen does not follow one method or trainer, she has learned from many different trainers and teachers and she is integrating everything that can help the horse. She combines the Academic Art of Riding, Straightness Training and Centered Riding in her lessons and includes the Masterson Method into her work as she believes in the combination of training and bodywork. If the spine can not move freely during the training, the energy can not flow and the movement will be restricted. Now she has a huge ‘toolbox’ that she uses as there is not ONE method that fits every horse and rider. Every horse is unique so she let herself be guided by intuition and feel.  The horse will tell her what (s)he needs…

It is her passion to guide both horse and rider towards more balance, true connection, mutual trust and playful togetherness. Her specialty is horse behavior, communication, body awareness and physical and mental balance of both rider and horse.

We are excited that Lucie will be speaking at the CEO workshop! She will explain about the training structure used by the old masters, when horses were trained from the ground before being ridden. She will talk about the  importance of groundwork and the ESSENCE of the side movements so you understand WHY you want to teach your horse this way. This can then be translated into riding.

– Understand the benefits of groundwork for riding
– Learn to train strength and better bending of the hindquarters for collection
– Teach your horse to be horizontally and vertically balanced and bend equally to both sides
– Find how to align the spine so the energy can flow through your horse

Lucie will explain how to start step by step and how to set up a training schedule and much more.  It is her passion to help people to become the best trainer they can be for their horse, and their clients.

Find out more about Lucie with this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqyztnG95cU

TanjaMittonPressTanja Mitton

Tanja Mitton grew up in Germany with a passion for horses and show jumping. She worked and trained with a number of elite German and Austrian show jumping riders, including Herbert Mayer, Thomas Frühman, Jörg Münzner and Alwin Schockemöhle before moving to England and meeting her husband Richard. In 1995 they both decided to move back to Australia.

While building her riding coaching business, Tanja realised that many riders displayed a lack of confidence and belief in their own ability. Fascinated by her own experience of personal development, Tanja went on a journey to find the answers to those frequently asked questions and finally discovered a solution to this problem in her study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Now a NLP Master Coach and Practitioner, Tanja combines her passion for rider position and mindset coaching in a unique teaching program that allows her to work with riders from beginners to the elite rider. This also lead to her work with riders from a verity of disciplines like dressage, show jumping, eventing, camp drafting, barrel racing, reining, cutting and endurance.

Tanja will be speaking about how to find your niche, including a presentation on mindset coaching and rider posture training relevant for equestrian coaches.


More info to follow soon!


Previous events: 27, 28, 29th June, 2017- NSW  To read a full write up summarising the event, and all the wonderfulness, click here: https://getupandgallop.com.au/ten-coaches-walk-into-a-bar/

Guest Presenters, June 2017

Lindsay NylundLindsay Nylund
Horse Rider Fall Safety Training

Lindsay brings to the CEA his wealth of knowledge and insights around elite high performance coaching- as both an athlete and a coach.  During his competitive career as a gymnast he won 3 junior and 2 senior national all-around titles, represented Australia at World Championships and Commonwealth and Olympic Games. He won a silver medal in the 1978 Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Canada. Following this he coached male and female gymnasts at all levels from beginner to international level and was Head Coach for the WA Institute of Sport Men’s Gymnastics Program.

Lindsay’s qualifications include a Science Degree (in Physical Education), with specialised knowledge of biomechanics, physiology of exercise and sport psychology. He has significant experience in the design and implementation of training programs in different learning environments.
Lindsay will be discussing competition preparation, the systems approach to coaching, principles of skills progression as well as a physical challenge! Lindsay is also the creator and educator behind the Horse Rider Fall Safety Program, which has received international acclaim.
Find out more, visit the website.

Nancy Ellison-MurrayNancy Ellison-Murray
Reset Equine – Sustainable Equine Mobility

Nancy comes from a diverse background with experience in many aspects of the equine industry and is currently mentoring high performances riders and trainers on aspects of mobility development and sustainable training outcomes her perspective of the fundamental basics of equine training encompassing biomechanical, behavioural and physiological factors is comprehensive and practically applicable to the individual.

Nancy works from a physical therapeutic basis, with the fundamental focus of regaining functional movement and maintaining sustainable movement in the equine athlete. Nancy‘s passion and drive to develop and educate a greater understanding within the broader equestrian public of the ideal physiological and behavioural (Biomechanical) working ‘windows’ of the equine, and developing visual recognition skills in coaches , trainers and mentors as well as tangible recognition skills of trainers and riders.

‘Managing the crucial limits – Equine postural influences and effects. Success or failure, fatigue and development of the equine athlete.”

  • Equine physiological stressors and interactions – Good, bad and how it affects the rider’s role and experience in being a trainer.
  • Recognising Equine stress – physiological and psychological.
  • Managing equine stress – physiological and psychological.
  • Cognition and fatigue.
  • Preparing the athlete to undertake skill acquisition.
  • Biomechanical and behavioural associations.
  • Re thinking lesson planning to preserve the equine learning environment – for solid success.

Find out more, visit her website.


(The video above is a bit glitchy, but I wanted to play this in it’s unedited entirety – thankyou Beth!)

Previous Guest Presenters:

DrAndrewDr Andrew McLean- Nov 2016

Andrew McLean holds a PhD in Equine Cognition and is widely considered the leading academic expert on horse training. Andrew also has a strong competitive career in horse sports spanning 25 years. In 1989, Andrew won Australias premier Horse Trials, the Gawler Three Day Event, and represented Australia in Horse Trials that year. In dressage he has competed to FEI level and trained horses to Grand Prix as well as Grand Prix and Championship level in Showjumping. He has also held a race trainers license.

Andrew has been an equestrian coach for over 25 years and due to his broad knowledge of equine psychology, has coached some of the worlds greatest riders, coaches and trainers and reformed internationally competitive horses up to Olympic Games and World Championship level, as well as some top Australian racehorses.

He is currently CEO of Equitation Science International, which hosts a registered online course that teaches riders, coaches and trainers how to train according to the horses ethology and learning processes.

Andrews goal is teach people the mechanics of training to increase training efficiency and promote horse welfare.

trudiTrudi Pavlovsky- Nov 2016

Trudi “Sparkles” Pavlovsky is a quirky, creative woman on a mission to support everyday people to not just share to their message and skills but to do it at the highest level possible.

Back in 2008, Trudi was on the retail corporate ladder, having worked her way up to the top spot. After getting to the top she realised she didn’t like the view and started creating a new direction.

She has spent the last eight years building her coaching, course creation and mind management processes which she now shares with people across the globe.

To do this Trudi spent her time refining her skills by running events for youth both on and offline, individual and small group coaching, corporate training and online training for The Life Coaching Academy.

Her many years of training across numerous healing, creative and coaching modalities (Master of NLP, Reiki Master, Performance Coach, Hypnosis, High Level Presenter Training, Experiential Game Creation) combined with having experienced high level masterminding with owners of million dollar business, has given her the rare ability to connect with people across all spectrums of business ownership.

She has clocked over 6000+ hours of stage time, including speaking, facilitation of events and has created multiple custom designed games and courses.

Trudi is passionate about effective facilitation and training no matter what area you specialise in.

Client outcomes matter: being the best trainer you can be is a non-negotiable.

Curtis Bayliss- Voice CoachCurtis Bayliss -Nov 2016

Curtis is obsessed with the paintings of Rupert Bunny (1862-1947) and teaching his primary school son to dance to Earth Wind and Fire.

He is currently the voice teacher at Melbourne High School and Camberwell Grammar School, he also enjoys a busy private voice studio with students ranging from beginner nine year olds to off-Broadway and West-End experienced performers.

Curtis sang as a tenor with The Victorian State Opera and for over a decade with Opera Australia. He has voice coached and arranged music for The Bell Shakespeare Company, The Playbox Theatre Company and The Melbourne Theatre Company, and served as a guest clinician and conductor with Queensland’s State Honour Choir.

He has presented workshops and lectures for The Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing: The Victoria Opera, AMuse; Western Australian Education Department; ASME; The Australian National Choral Association and also for Australian Choral Conductors Education Training.

In 2015 he was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for his contribution to voice education by ANATS Victoria.

His session will be exploring voice use and voice health when teaching in open air, loud and demanding acoustical situations.