How I Can Help

“You do what?”

I bet you’ve heard that before.

If you have a business that most people would find a bit weird, a bit odd or ask “how do you actually make money from that?”- I can relate.  I’ve been there myself!

My Mojo

My Mojo

Ever been to business coaching or training where the facilitator just does not get your clients, your market, how you trade or even what you do?

You started your business because you knew what you had to offer was different, it solves your customer’s problems like nothing else.  You understand how important this is to the people you are here to serve.

Get Up & Gallop is here to offer you mentoring and coaching services to help you develop your business to be the best it can be; a business focused on the value that you provide to your clients.

I’d love to meet you, and find out about you.  If you’re keen too, just pop your details in the box up on the right with the Beagle to register for your FREE 30 Minute Marketing Strategy Session with me- I guarantee you will get massive value from this session alone! or click below-

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Some comments from people I have had the honor to work with:

“If you want to grow your business you really need to have a program in place to do that and the experts that know how to do that in your corner/on your team.

Anita has helped me and shown me the steps and mentored me through them and really understands what I need to do in order to get successful!

The results are that my business has doubled and gained momentum in  a very short period of time!  Thank you Anita.”  Kim Sillis, Equiphoria


“I really can’t thank you enough Anita, absolutely the best thing I ever did was to click on your Facebook ad :) We have both learned so much and continue to refer back to my notes from your course.”  Melissa, Online Store.

“Intensive doesn’t even begin to describe this course – even better than my expectations.”  M.  Equine Online Retail.


“I have found my work with you absolutely wonderful and learned so much. “ Louise, health specialist.


“Oh Anita!  You are the freakin’ bomb!!!!  Thank you for dragging that out of me and putting it into beautiful words!  You made that look so effortless xx”  Melissa, Naturopath.


“I have been absolutely flat out seeing clients and am consistently gaining 2 new one’s plus per week (at least for the last 4 weeks – can only hope that continues!)”  K.  Equine Therapist


“Anita, I am a little lost for words and trust me when you get to know me you will find this doesn’t often happen.   I must admit we were a little stressed trying to find the right fit for our business and didn’t know who to turn too.  We have already had three emails and all three have amazing qualifications and will really make a HUGE impact with our work.  You are worth your weight in gold, I cannot wait to be able to work with you.  Thank you for everything thus far.”  Mark,  Equine Specialist


“After taking on the enormous and somewhat scary challenge of setting up my first small business, I soon found myself feeling stuck, frustrated and unsure of how to move forward in growing my business. I discovered Anita’s 12 week course, and I have to say it is the best thing I ever did for myself and for my business.

Anita’s course has given me not only all the tools I need to move forward and grow my business, but the confidence to create a plan and put it into action. Whenever I had questions Anita was only an email or a phone call away and her support  throughout the course was fantastic.

Thanks to Anita, my small business is well on its way to success and not just an impossible dream. I would highly recommend her to anyone starting out in business, or anyone looking to grow their business and achieve their goals.”  Kimberley Wallace, KW Equine Services


“Loved the vids Anita, and the PDFs, full to the brim with valuable information. Tackling horror things like numbers and financial things had me avoiding week one last week (i had a bit of a cry but put my big girl pants on and got through it!!) they would normally make my head whirl and long term goals which are normally so fluffy for me. Now i have done them i have a warm glow of achievement and positivity about me – things seem possible and i feel excited about my business future and unraveling more of the Get up and gallop fun – yay!!”  Sarah Sarah’s Handmade Wonderland.


Stay Weird, and Keep Galloping!

Anita xx

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