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Are you looking for someone to be on your side, to go into bat for you, to really want to help you grow your business?  Or have you tried business training or coaching before, only to feel misunderstood, left out or overlooked because you “only work with animals” or they just thought your business was a bit too weird?

Bessie and I playing "touch"

I understand where you are now.  I’ve been there- twice!  I’ve started two equine related businesses, only to have the first fail (miserably, leaving me in debt).  But, I learned the hard way from those initial mistakes, and created my second, highly niched business around some very different rules!  I built a business that I was not only passionate about, but one that was structured to allow me to life the life I wanted to live, away from my business as well.  One that most people thought was really weird, but my clients loved.

In 3 consecutive years with that business, my turnover DOUBLED every year, and continued to grow month on month.  It won awards, it became a national, well recognized brand, featuring at events like Equitana, in national magazines, (and international ones), servicing not only the every day rider like me, but Olympics medal winners as well.  I then sold the business for my full asking price in the 6 figures,  (and of course it went to the very best person in the end, who is continuing to grow the biz, month on month, and that makes me so very proud.)

Now, I want to share what I have learned over those years (and the ones before, with the not so great business) to help you develop your own success story.  To give you the business that allows you to live and love the life you want to lead.  I don’t believe in ambition without ethics.  I don’t believe in the lies told around “following your passion and the money will flow”.  I do believe that you can build a business that is rewarding, ethical, financially sound and emotionally satisfying.

I believe that it takes work.  Lots of work.  I believe there is always more to learn.  I believe in going ALL. IN.

It’s not easy.  It’s not all about “flow” and vision boards.  If you really want it, you have to be prepared to suffer for it.  You must be committed to doing the WORK.

I believe that “weird” is where we want to be, not like everyone else, or for everyone else.  Find your people, your tribe, your niche and build your business, share you ideas and solutions with the people you care most about, the people you belong with.

Stay Weird, and Keep Galloping.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up for the Free 30 minute consult today (the form is just up the top of the page)- you’ll get value from that 30 minutes alone I promise.

Anita Marchesani

Speaking and Educating at the APDT Annual Conference Sydney, 2016.

Speaking and Educating at the APDT Annual Conference Sydney, 2016.

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