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Have you ever seen that movie, How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days? Where they play that game, BULL-shit? (said in a broad southern accent) When I scroll through my facebook feeds I see all sorts of advice, ads, programs and articles promising to make a difference to your business. I’ve even spoken to a few people recently who have found themselves unfortunately on the other side of implementing said advice, that it was completely BULL-shit.

If people advise you to do any of these 7 really common business tips, run for the hills. Let me show you why.

1. Get More likes on facebook!

Also in this family, is the “click like, share, tag!” tactic of getting “free, organic reach on facebook!”

Let’s deal with the second part first- don’t do it. Yes, you see everyone else out there doing it, but you know what? It’s completely against facebook terms and conditions and can get your account banned or deleted without warning. Why is it against the rules? Because being bossy on your page is not adding to the user experience.

Advertising for likes- sure, if your page is brand new, and you’ve only got your mum, your boyfriend and your dog as a liker, then pay to add in a few likes. But- only until you reach 200 likers, and ONLY if they are demographically targeted and specific.

You know those small businesses with 20,000 plus likes? Most of those were paid for, and most of those came from India, Pakistan and SE Asian “click farms”. Don’t waste your money. 200 likers gives you enough of a reach to start engaging and growing organically. Besides, business is about sales, not winning a popularity content.


2. You’ll make passive income by selling your e-book from your blog!

This is utterly crap. You know who is making 6 figures in passive income from their e-book business? The person selling you the course to learn how to sell e-books.

Unless you have an engaged list of literally hundreds of thousands emails, you have to pay to advertise said e-book. With the cost per lead ranging from $5-$100 or more these days with online ads, and a GOOD conversion rate is 10%, then you need to get at least 10 leads to make 1 sale. Even at $5 leads, it’s costing you $50 in ads to sell one stupid $9.99 e-book. You’re actually paying someone $40 to take the book, best-case scenario.


3.  How to sell without being salesy!

Any person selling your sales training who demonizes sales people, or is scared of sales should be avoided like the damn plague.

Sales is Sales. It’s not a dirty word. Its how you get paid and how your clients get the help or the product they want.

If you’re scared of making sales, then why are you in business anyway?


4.  Learn all you need from this $97 online course!

BULL-shit! C’mon, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? We’ve all bought the iphone video course, or the facebook ads mastery program, or how to blog like a champion… but answer this honestly for me- did you do ALL the work? Did it really give you ALL the answers? Did you actually get a ROI?

Case in point, a business owner I spoke to last week had just done a “guru’s” facebook ad online course. When she spoke to me 4 out of 5 of her ads were not getting approved, and the ones that were, were not performing and not generating sales.

Trust me, no one is giving away valuable business changing information for $97. You ALWAYS get what you pay for.


5.  PR and getting on TV will generate sales!

Sure, this might have worked in the 80’s, or if you’re on Oprah… but it’s a complete fallacy that is being peddled at the moment. Get ‘free” PR, get on TV, get famous and watch the sales roll in. People will buy from me if they see me on TV.

I call BULL-shit. PR is great, but it’s a slow burner. If you want to take time (and I mean years) to build your identity and “brand”, sure, go and employ a PR person or learn a PR course. If you want quality leads of real potential clients right now, so you can generate sales right now, then do more effective marketing.


6.  Set your prices low to get started!

BULL-shit. I cannot tell you the number of people who have told me that they are setting their prices low now when they get started to get customers, then they will put them up. This is bad strategy for a number of reasons.

Firstly, you’re undervaluing yourself and your services- often by working at cost, or for free!

Second, the customers you attract with discounted prices are often only attracted to you because of the discounted prices. They are price conscious shoppers, and no matter how good you are, I guarantee that when you start charging what you’re worth, they will disappear and go to the very next newbie on the scene selling at discounted prices.

Thirdly- you can go for ages not making any profit! There is no reason why you can’t start making a profit from your business immediately.

And lastly, the people giving you this advice are often protecting their own business and positioning. Are you as good as they are? Better? Than price yourself accordingly, and never discount.


7.  Bricks and Mortar stores are dead!

BULL-shit. People still enjoy shopping in person. We like to touch, feel, try stuff on, compare. We don’t like the inconvenience of buying something online to find it’s not right when it finally arrives. We like being able to ask a person for an opinion, rather than chat in a chat box.

Bricks and mortar stores are by no means dead. In fact, if your bricks and mortar store also has a website, and a mobile friendly store, your clients are customers are statistically more loyal, and will spend 3.5 times as much as shoppers who only shop via either a webstore, or in person.

Stop comparing the online and B&M components separately, and start treating them as a whole, complete organism, one arm supporting and strengthening the other.



We all make mistakes, its part of the learning process. The trick is not keep making them! Now, do you want to know if you are making these 5 mistakes in your marketing? I bet you’re making at least 3 of them right now, and it’s costing you…Click the link to download my free report today.

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Written by Anita Marchesani
I've come to small business the long way round- but enjoyed and learned from every single step. I learned about the power of Media during a BA and while working in Film&TV. I learned about the hard graft while groom for an international eventer in the UK. I learned organisation and staff management from running hundreds of weddings both here and in the UK. I learned from the mistakes of my first business that failed, to create an e-commerce success story, and now I'm here to help you have even greater success in your business. Oh, and I dance to really loud music like a crazy bastard.